Fee collection

In today's decentralized ecosystem, it has become increasingly common for protocols to operate across multiple blockchain networks. While the expansion to multiple chains offers various benefits, it also introduces challenges, particularly when it comes to managing fee distributions across these chains.

Many projects have approached us seeking a solution to efficiently consolidate their earnings from multiple chains into a single location. With Mimic, achieving this seamless consolidation is remarkably straightforward. By setting up some bridge tasks, projects can effortlessly aggregate their earnings in one unified destination. The bridge tasks can be configured to ensure automatic triggering by Mimic's relayers, eliminating the need for project teams to actively manage or monitor these processes.

Within Mimic, users have the freedom to choose the desired chain where they wish to collect their fees. They can also customize the conditions for executing bridge tasks based on individual preferences. For instance, users can opt to trigger the tasks once a specific threshold amount is reached on each chain, or they can schedule regular periodic executions. Additionally, users can select the connectors they trust, enabling them to bridge assets across protocols that align with their preferences and requirements.

By leveraging Mimic's functionality, projects can consolidate all their collected fees into a single chain, providing a centralized and hassle-free fee collection experience. As a result, all earnings will be readily available in one location, eliminating the complexity of managing funds scattered across multiple chains.

Mimic's ability to streamline fee collection across multiple chains empowers projects to focus on their core activities while effortlessly consolidating their earnings. This not only simplifies financial operations but also enhances transparency and efficiency in managing protocol revenues.

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