How it works

Mimic simplifies DeFi operations by offering a comprehensive range of standard tasks that can be easily configured to perform various automated functions. These tasks encompass a wide array of operations, including swapping, bridging, lending, borrowing, investing, rebalancing, and more.

Mimic enables users to model and automate complex DeFi operations without the need for extensive coding or technical knowledge.

Each of the tasks offered by Mimic can be meticulously configured, providing users with granular control over when these tasks are triggered. By allowing users to define specific conditions and parameters for task execution, Mimic ensures a highly customizable experience that aligns with individual preferences and strategies.

To streamline the process and alleviate the burden of manual task execution from users, Mimic introduces the concept of relayers. These relayers act as intermediaries between users and the execution of tasks. Users can delegate the responsibility of executing their tasks to Mimic relayers, who are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and capabilities to efficiently process and execute tasks on behalf of users.

Moreover, to facilitate seamless integration with external DeFi protocols, Mimic offers a collection of connectors. These connectors serve as modular components designed to interact with different protocols in the ecosystem. With their plug-and-play nature, connectors can be easily interchanged, allowing tasks to extend their functionality and adapt to evolving market conditions.

Through the combination of customizable tasks and versatile connectors, Mimic empowers users to automate DeFi operations in a customizable and trustless manner. Users can define their desired tasks, configure the parameters and conditions, and rely on Mimic's infrastructure to seamlessly execute these operations within the decentralized ecosystem.

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