Smart Vault

The Smart Vault serves as the central component where users can store their assets, ensuring they are readily available for execution by their tasks.


Tasks are the components that define the recipe of specific DeFi operations or workflows. They offer a wide range of configuration that can be customized to model different behaviors.


Connectors are stateless components within the architecture that serve as code libraries, guiding the Smart Vault on how to interact with different DeFi protocols.


The Authorizer is in charge of governing the permissions and access control for the rest of the components in the architecture.

Price oracle

The Price Oracle is responsible for providing price data to support various operations and calculations for the different set of tasks.


The Relayer contract is a core component of the Mimic protocol, responsible for executing automated tasks on behalf of users in a trustless and efficient manner.


The Registry contract is responsible for keeping an on-chain curated list of Mimic implementations.

Fee controller

The Fee Controller is an independent component within the Mimic protocol to enforce the fees mechanism of the protocol.

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