Block trading

Traditionally, executing large sell orders in the market often leads to a sharp drop in asset prices, causing significant market impact. However, with Mimic, achieving this in a more secure and controlled manner becomes remarkably straightforward.

Users have the flexibility to define their sell goals and limits precisely. For instance, you can set volume limits over specific timeframes to determine how many assets you are comfortable selling within a designated window. Users can also specify slippage limits to ensure that their sell orders do not deviate significantly from the prevailing market rates. This safeguards your trade from excessive price fluctuations and ensures you receive fair value for your assets.

With Mimic's automation capabilities, users can streamline their block trading strategies. No manual steps are needed, Mimic handles the execution on your behalf. Mimic's protocol is designed to ensure trustless and secure execution of your trading goals. You can rely on the protocol to execute your orders faithfully, without relying on centralized intermediaries.

By leveraging Mimic, users can automate their block trading strategies with confidence, knowing that their goals will be accomplished efficiently, securely, and in a manner that minimizes market impact.

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