Mimic Docs


What's Mimic?
Mimic is a platform that allows you to deploy tailored infrastructure to automate DeFi operations in a secure, trustless, and non-custodial way.
How can Mimic help me?
Mimic platform is very useful to automate operations for treasury management, index rebalancing, fee distribution, liquidity provision, and many other DeFi processes.
How does it work?
Mimic uses an innovative multilayer concept called Smart Vault, an automated solution where a list of allowed actions can be defined and customized to suit any operational need.
What actions can be modeled in a Smart Vault?
Any action can be modeled by composing it from a list of pre-set primitives. An example of an action is swapping assets, bridging them, and joining a DeFi strategy.
Who can execute Smart Vault actions?
They can be executed manually from an EOA (eg. manager), externally by another smart contract, or automatically via the Mimic network of bots. It is possible to grant or revoke execution permissions.
When can an action be triggered by a bot?
An action can be scheduled every certain period of time or on a specific date. It can be triggered depending on certain market conditions, or any other external smart contract status.
Can actions be added or removed from a Smart Vault?
Yes, once a Smart Vault is deployed, it is still possible to add or remove actions.
Who has custody of the assets in a Smart Vault?
Smart Vaults are fully trustless. Even if a bot or a manager is allowed to execute certain actions, the owner of the Smart Vault is always in full custody of its assets.
I am a dev, is it possible to create my own actions?
Of course! Mimic platform provides full flexibility to compose primitives into a custom action to serve a specific purpose.
I am a dev, is it possible to create my own primitives?
Yes, you can implement custom primitives to interact with Smart Vault assets. Or even extend existing ones. For example, creating custom DeFi strategies to extend the join primitive.
What chains are supported by the protocol?
Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism for now. We're more than happy to know if there is interest in supporting new ones. You can drop a message to us.