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What's Mimic

A DeFi automation platform
Mimic is a platform that allows you to deploy tailored infrastructure to automate DeFi operations in a secure, trustless, and non-custodial way. These operations include treasury management, index rebalancing, fee distribution, liquidity provision, etc.
Mimic achieves this through an innovative concept called Smart Vaults, an automated solution where a list of allowed actions can be defined and customized to suit any operational need. Smart Vaults are multi-layer and can be easily scaled up by deploying and connecting additional ones.
Unlike other solutions, Mimic provides enormous flexibility to embrace this constantly-changing ecosystem, making any DeFi interaction experience much easier and secure than before.
Mimic allows to deploy infrastructure where these operations can be predefined and customized to limit who can execute them and how they can be executed. For instance, these are some basic uses cases where Mimic platform can help with:
  • Treasury management: control risks by limiting in which DeFi protocol a manager can allocate your assets and where they can be swapped.
  • Fee distribution: collect all fees obtained by your protocol from different chains, swap, and bridge them together to distribute to token holders later on.
  • Composed strategies: create complex strategies by composing many DeFi protocols and track all activity and yield on-chain.
  • Auto-rebalancing indexes: create a basket of DeFi tokens that auto-rebalances back to its target weightings.
  • Liquidity provision: provide liquidity to DeFi protocols with specific configurations and automatically change it depending on market conditions.
These are just a few examples, Mimic opens the doors to model any other type of DeFi operation that could be automated reducing trust and increasing security.
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